Are you thinking of moving but afraid to list your property in case it goes under offer before you have found somewhere?

If the above describes the situation you find yourself in, then do not worry - you are not alone. And better still, Troys Estate Agents has a creative solution which may give you the comfort and security you are looking for.

The Property Bank

There are a large number of Islanders thinking of moving house, but too afraid of the current market conditions to do anything about it. That is why Troys Estate Agents - one of Jersey's oldest property agents - has created its Property Bank, where homeowners can discreetly register the details of their property, and tell us what they are looking to buy. Only when a match can be found for both, will anything happen.

What should I do first?

It's quite simple. You can contact the team at Troys, who will come to view your property and discuss its value under the current market conditions. It will not be listed for sale, no photographs will be taken and no sales boards placed on your property. Importantly, there will be no charge whatsover.

You can also take that opportunity to tell us what you are looking for, and to what value.

Then what happen?

We will then put your property's details - such as the number of bedrooms, parking, outside space, value etc - into our property bank, which only our agents will see. We will also enter the type of property you are looking for into the bank.

How will you find a buyer for my home if you are not advertising it?

We have a long list of buyers, all in similar positions. We know what they are looking for and will use more than seven decades of experience to make sure the right buyer for your property is lined up and waiting for us to find you your next move. All of this will be undertaken without any advertising or promotion - or cost to you.

Will I get lots of viewings?

You will not have lots of viewings, as no one other than Troys will know that you are interested in selling your property. Only when we think we have found something that matches your needs, will we match your poperty to one of our waiting buyers. Only then, if all parties are in agreement and ready to move, will a private and discreet viewing be undertaken.

How much will it cost?

Troys will not charge a fee for the above service, meaning you have absolutely nothing to lose. If we do match a buyer to your home, and you agree to sell, our normal commission rates will apply once the contract is past in court or the sale completed.

What do I need to do next?

This is the easiest bit. Simply pick up the phone and call the team on 607070 and explain that you are interested in the property bank scheme and would like to be listed on it. We will book a time convenient to you when we can come and visit your property and take it from there.